Monday, May 11, 2015

Still Here & 2015 CSF (Community Supported Fisheries)

It seems like it has been forever.  Apologizes for not updating this more regularly. 
This year we are offering another CSF.  Last year's worked well so we are going with it.  We are offering two choices though.  The customers who would like a piece of fresh put aside weekly or one that is really flexible.  Take a boo at it and let us know if you would be interested.  This year we are looking to purchase some more net, a new pricing scale and labeller, some new marketing signage and maybe just maybe a new ice machine.  We shall see.  These are the goals and hopefully if the year treats us well, we will be able to do some more things for the list of things that need replacing or could help us be more efficient is always growing. 

Akiwenzie’s Fish & More….   Community Supported Fisheries 2015

Some Spring like temperatures have returned finally.  That seemed like a much colder winter but maybe not…  Maybe I am just getting older…  J

With the Spring thaw, we are preparing for another busy year of fishing.  We hope to hit the water with a splash and this is where you can help us GREATLY.   

Last year’s version of our CSF work out well we thought.  We had put your names and amounts you paid in a book and keep a running total of it.  That way you didn’t have to remember any fishy bucks or cards. 

A little history on us:  We fish up north of Wiarton from a First Nations community Neyaashiinigmiing (Cape Croker).  Andrew started fishing when he was 9 years old out of a wooden row boat with his Uncles.  Andrew had a number of jobs as he was a younger man but he always found his way back to the waters and fishing.  We started this business 13 years ago and thought it was a temporary thing.  Well, it became our career so to speak.  We presently own/operate a provincially inspected fish processing plant.  We catch, process, smoke and sell our own fish.  One day, hopefully in the near future, we will be able to purchase fish from other local fisherpeople.  

There will be two choices of our CSF that we are offering this year.  One is more suited to the regular market customer and the other is for someone who doesn’t make it too often to market but still would like to participate, which we appreciate. 

First Choice:

A piece of fresh fish will be put aside for you each market.  Please circle the one you would prefer but please note, if we don’t have it that specific size or species, we will still a piece of fish aside for you but you can decline it.  I will always try to e-mail you the night before to let you know if we have your fish and what it is.  This is the same way the standing fish order works.  I have been doing this last season for standing fish orders and it worked well.  Customers were able to change their order or cancel the night before. 

Cost is:  Full Share    $400          Half Share     $200

What species do you prefer?     Whitefish            Lake Trout           Any Species           Other___________

Do you prefer frozen or fresh?  Frozen                  Fresh          Either one                                                     

Size for fresh or frozen fish:   Small ($9-$12)     Medium($13-$16)         Large($17-$20)                        Family($20+)

Market for Pick Up:        Dufferin (Thursday)        Saturday (Wychwood)

Please let us know if you don’t need that fish for a particular market and I prefer e-mail so it reminds me.  Also pick up for Dufferin’s market is from 3-5pm or it can be sold to other customers.  The pickup time for Wychwood is from 8-10am or it can be sold to other customers.  If you are going to be later, please let us know and we will hold on to it a little longer or until we sell out.

The customers who participate in the First Choice CSF will have their fish put aside first.  The remaining fish will go to the standing orders and other customers.    

Second Choice:

Cost is:  Full Share  $400                                Half Share   $200

We will take your name and the amount you have paid.  We will keep it in a notebook in our kit and subtract the fish you purchased from a market.  We will continue to track it and when it gets close to being finished, we will let you know.  Also this way, you can ask us how much you have left.  This is how the 2014 CSF was done and it worked for us and I think it worked for most of the participants. 



Thank you for your participation in this CSF.  The CSF will run from May 21 – December 19, 2015. (32 week or 8 Months)

I know some people think they may not eat that much fish in the amount of time as mentioned above.

A full share: If someone normally purchases a $15 fillet of fish approximately once a week, it would last 26 weeks roughly. 

A half share: If someone normally purchases a $15 fillet of fish approximately once a week, it would last 13 weeks roughly. 



Please ensure you leave us your name and e-mail if you would like to be able to assist us in giving us a hand up this Spring. 

I will put your name in our book, how much you paid and which option you prefer.  I definitely need your e-mail so I can keep you up to date if we will not be at a market due to poor weather for fishing or some other reason. 

You can find Akiwenzie’s Fish on Face Book and Twitter. 

Deadline to sign up is:  Saturday May 16, 2015


Again, thank you for your participation in our CSF for 2015. 


Name: __________________________________________


E-mail: _____________________________________________

Amount Paid: _______________           Cash      Cheque

CSF Choice:                        ONE            or              TWO

Thank you in advance to the customers who plan on signing up and thank you to those customers who are already participating.  :)  Without your support we would be treading water. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It Has Been Awhile - Sorry...

I know it has been a very long time since I have updated the blog.  I have been busy and my camera was acting up.  I liked to be able to show pics as I update what we have been doing.  Then I figured out how to use the camera on our cell phone.  I can see my boys smirking/smiling... 
Well Fall came and went, and winter is settling in.  We got through a week of wind and snow.  With the crazy weather the boys enjoyed four snow days.  This week they have actually gone to two days of school. 
Yesterday we decided to pull the boat of the water and let her rest on shore until spring decides to return.  We will still be at markets though and hoping to keep this, Face Book and Twitter up to date on what we are doing.  This coming Thursday I hope to smoke some fish for Wychwood's Saturday market.  It sounds like Saturday will a good day to take on the drive to the city. 
I have these pictures to show the interesting few days. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sign up for a standing order

I know we sell out of fish quick and some keep missing it by minutes and seconds even.  I think this will help.  This is a quick sign up sheet for you to put down what you would like and what market you normally attend.  Just stop by Wychwood on Saturday and Andrew will have some with him next week at Dufferin, fill it out and you will be prioritized.  If we have it and if you have been added to this list, you will have it waiting for you at market.  I just ask you to tell me you e-mail or phone number so I can confirm with you that I have it or that I don't before market.  Or you can e-mail us now.  This is what it will look like:

Standing Order List



E-mail or phone:

(We prefer e-mail)


Market:          Dufferin      Wychwood


What would you like to be put aside for you?




If not picked up by 5:30pm for the Dufferin Market or by 10:30am for the Wychwood market, it will be up for sale to others.  If you are unable to pick up before these times or don’t want your order for a week or two, please let us know.  Thank you.
I hope this is a little more helpful.  I know it will help us and not disappoint so many.  The question of what you would to be put aside can be just a fresh piece of whitefish or more exact like a small piece of whitefish and a piece of Cajun smoked whitefish or even $10-$12 piece of lake trout and a $4-$5 piece of regular smoked lake trout.  All depends on how you want to word it.  I just hope this helps...